We gladly share this Barber family information but have much research to do. Please share with us or feel free to correct any information we have on your branch of the family. thank you.

Descendants of Sampson Barber

Generation No. 1

1. Sampson1 Barber was born in SC, USA, and died in Smith Co., TX, USA. He married Mary Fowler 26 March 1820 in GA, USA. Children of Sampson Barber and Mary Fowler are:

Generation No. 2

2. James F.2 Barber (Sampson1) was born 27 April 1833 in GA, USA, and died 21 April 1908 in Smith Co., TX, USA. He married Elizabeth Roberts 2 September 1855 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX, USA.
Children of James Barber and Elizabeth Roberts are:

3. Jackson2 Barber (Samuel1) was born 1834 in GA. He married Lucinda White 9 June 1870 in smith Co., TX.. Child of Jackson Barber and Lucinda is:

Generation No. 3

10. Roxie Lee3 Barber (James F.2, Sampson1) was born 5 February 1867 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX, USA, and died 13 December 1928 in Duncan, Stephens Co., OK, USA. She married Franklin Monroe Wagnon 18 January 1891 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX, USA, son of Pittman Wagnon and Frances Leverett.
Notes for Franklin Monroe Wagnon: I have marriage records of Franklin M. Wagnon and Roxie Lee Barber from Smith County, Texas. I also, have census records of Frank M. and Roxie Lee in Stephens County, Oklahoma in 1910. I have death records of Frank M. and Roxie Lee both from many relatives and from Cemetery records in Duncan, Oklahoma, where they are buried.

Children of Roxie Barber and Franklin Wagnon are:

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