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Descendants of Moses Osborn

Generation No. 1

1. Moses1 Osborn. He married Judith.

Child of Moses Osborn and Judith is:

Generation No. 2

2. Elizabeth2 Osborn (Moses1) was born 1808 in OH, USA, and died in TX, USA. She married William Finley 15 February 1827 in Greene Co., IL, USA, son of John Finley and Mary.

Children of Elizabeth Osborn and William Finley are:

Generation No. 3

4. Mourning3 Finley (Elizabeth2 Osborn, Moses1) was born March 1831 in Greene Co., IL, USA, and died 2 September 1909 in Wise Co., TX, USA. She married Charles H. Perrin 1850 in Collin Co., TX, USA, son of William Perrin and Dicea Kirbey.

Children of Mourning Finley and Charles Perrin are:

Generation No. 4

15. Dica A.4 Perrin (Mourning3 Finley, Elizabeth2 Osborn, Moses1) was born 1851 in Wise Co., TX, USA. She married John Robert Rodgers 1878 in Wise Co., TX, USA, son of Elijah Rodgers and Charlotte.

Children of Dica Perrin and John Rodgers are:

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