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Paul Wagnon for "Daniel M. Wagnon"

We are seeking any information that might lead us to the parents of Daniel Monroe Wagnon (Born 1814 in Green Co. GA). Please e-mail me.

Ramona Wagnon for "Sion Gamblin"

Seeking parents of Sion Gamblin. Also, what was his wife Peggy's maiden name and who were her parents? Please e-mail me.

Ramona Wagnon for "John Robert Rodgers"

I'm looking for parents of John Robert Rodgers(born 4 March 1850). He appeared on the 1880 Census of Wise County, Texas with wife Dica and twin children Minnie H. and William L. The Census lists his birthplace as Tennessee. His death certificate lists his father's name as Elijah Rodgers. I have therefore listed Elijah Rodgers and wife Charlotte (who lived in Warren Co., TN in 1860 and are listed with a son named John of the right age to be our John) as his parents on my Rodgers page. Please share any information you might have on either John Robert Rodgers or the aforementioned Elijah and Charlotte. Please e-mail me.

Ramona Wagnon for "Thomas C. Cummins"

I'm looking for any information on Thomas C. Cummins who married Minnie Harriet Rodgers in Grayson County, Texas, 23 April 1898. (They are listed on the record ad T. C. Cummings and Minnie Rogers).Thomas disappeared in 1899 shortly after the birth of their son John. Please e-mail me.

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