Our Gamblin line continues to grow every day. We are searching for the parents of Sion. If you have any clues to where to look please share them with us.

Descendants of Sion Gamblin

Generation No. 1

1. Sion1 Gamblin was born 1785 in SC, USA. He married Peggy 1805 in SC, USA.

Children of Sion Gamblin and Peggy are:

Generation No. 2

3. Joshua2 Gamblin (Sion1) was born 1808 in Greenville Co., SC, USA. He married Malahia Nance 27 June 1832 in Hall Co., GA, USA.
Notes for Joshua Gamblin: By 1850 this family was in Montgomery Co., Arkansas, with 8 children. His name was listed as Josiah, her's Mahala. Ages were listed as 42 and 36. He listed as born in SC, her in GA. All children born in GA. So they had moved from GA less than 2 years before as Julia Ann age 2 was listed as born in GA.
They do not appear in the 1860 Census of Montgomery County.

Children of Joshua Gamblin and Malahia Nance are: 4. Joseph W.2 Gamblin (Sion1) was born 1817 in SC, USA. He married (1) Mahala Harris 15 February 1836 in Hall Co., GA, USA. He married (2) B. A. Canady 26 January 1881 in Newton Co., AR, USA.
Children of Joseph Gamblin and Mahala Harris are:
7. Jarrette2 Gamblin (Sion1) was born 1820 in SC, USA. He married Pricilla Collins 4 August 1836 in Lumpkin Co., GA, USA.

Children of Jarrette Gamblin and Pricilla Collins are:
8. James H.2 Gamblin (Sion1) was born 1821 in Greenville Co., SC, USA. He married (1) Verilie? Abt. 1840 in Hall Co., GA. He married (2) Harriet Tweedle 3 April 1866 in Montgomery Co., AR, USA.
Notes for James H. Gamblin: James and his family moved from Georgia to Arkansas between 1846-1849. (It is supposed that was the reason the other Gamblins later moved there.)
James H. married the second time on 3 April 1866 to Mrs. Harriett Tweedle in Montgomery Co., Arkansas.
Notes for Harriet Tweedle: Harriet was the widow of the late E. L. Tweedle. James Gamblin was the administrator of Tweedle's will.

Children of James Gamblin and Verilie? are:
10. William2 Gamblin (Sion1) was born 1826 in Greenville Co., SC, USA. He married Elizabeth 1846 in Lumpkin Co., GA, USA.

Children of William Gamblin and Elizabeth are:

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